Rapunzel´s Potion™ Natural Hair Growth Spray


Rapunzel´s Potion™ Hair Spray grows hair naturally to prevent hair loss and to help you recover lost patches of hair. When used with our proprietary shampoo enhancer, you can use the hair spray daily to accelerate the hair restoration process. You never have to worry about frizzy hair turning into highly damaged hair. If you have dry hair, apply the spray directly to the scalp 15 minutes before taking a shower. For normal or oily hair, wait until after taking a shower to apply the spray to damp hair.

The hair spray comes in a convenient to store small bottle, with just a couple of pushes of the nozzle applying the right amount of hair regenerating conditioner. Pack the hair spray bottle in a toiletry kit for quick access while you are on the go.

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Known for using all-natural ingredients, Rapunzel´s Potion™ Hair Spray is derived from herbs and plants that include rosemary and aloe vera. Rosemary is handpicked at the local farmer’s market every week. The infused fresh herb is known for stimulating circulation on the upper scalp to foster the growth of new hair. It also acts as an effective cleansing agent by gently removing bacteria. The result is enhanced shine for your hair, as well as a preemptive strike against irritating scalp flakes and dandruff.

Aloe Vera, which delivers several medicinal benefits, contains an agent called proteolytic enzymes, which quickly repairs dead skin cells on the scalp. A healthy scalp treated with aloe vera is like nutrient rich soil that encourages the growth of plants and flowers. The naturally handpicked herb rejuvenates worn down hair because it contains similar growth promoting agents as nutrient rich soil, such as nitrogen and hydrogen.

We make our hair spray in small batches to ensure the highest quality of hair treatment. When paired with our Shampoo enhancer, Rapunzel´s Potion™ Hair Spray comes out as fresh as any other type of hair treatment product. The gently application for natural ingredients means you can use the combination of hair spray and shampoo enhancer on a daily basis. Both hair treatment products strengthen hair roots to ensure nutrients reach the entire length of each hair. You will see your hair rebound in as little as five days.