Rapunzel´s Potion™ Natural Hair Growth Shampoo Enhancer & Spray Kit


Two for one product bundles are excellent deals for savvy buyers of health and beauty products. You might never find a better one-two punch of beauty offerings than what is inside of Rapunzel´s Potion™ Kit. Nutrient rich shampoo and a gentle conditioner pair up to deliver a hair treatment regimen that would make the most successful beauty salon owners proud. Both hair treatment products encourage the rapid regrowth of hair that disappeared because of a poor scalp condition and/or the use of inferior hair treatment products.

The conditioner highlights the natural brightness of your hair to make it shine whenever you need to shine at a social event. By using the shampoo enhancer, you can restore the tips of your hair to return to the growth process. The shampoo also softens your hair to give a much thicker looking appearance.

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Frizzled tips, stringy hair, and a scalp that has turned into a dandruff factory are just a few of the reasons why Rapunzel´s Potion™ Kit has morphed into one of the leading beauty products in the Mexican market. The gentle conditioner treats dry skin cells that have formed on the scalp. Combined with the nutrient rich shampoo, the conditioner moves deep into the scalp to regenerate dead hair roots. Like a garden that needs fertile soil, your hair needs a fertile scalp full of healthy nutrients like hydrogen and nitrogen.

What is the secret to the success of Rapunzel´s Potion™ Kit? The answer is using natural herbal ingredients such as rosemary and aloe vera. You might know aloe vera as the ultimate natural ingredient that reinvigorates facial skin. Its skin soothing agents work long and hard to restore dead skin cells. The same principle applies to using an aloe vera based shampoo and conditioner to restore tired hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner move deep into hair roots to attack the source of any issues. After a few days of use, Rapunzel´s Potion™ Kit will return your hair to its former soft and shiny glory.

Rapunzel´s Potion™ Kit makes the ideal gift for a wedding reception and a birthday party. Both the shampoo and conditioner come in ornate bottles that when standing alone, exude an elegant panache. Although the kit contains two bottles, the bottles are small enough for the kit to fit easily inside of a purse or a handbag.

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