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We live in an era when blowout bars and colorful dye jobs dominate the discussion about hair. There is even talk of perms not only making a comeback, but a comeback that is here to stay. What gets lost in the discussion is how we should treat damaged hair, from overly slick hair caused by a natural process to strands that never fail to frizz out of control. Well, we have some good news for you.

Before you start to believe there is no hope for damaged hair, the professional hair treatment experts at Rapunzel’s Potions have come up with 10 tips for healthy hair. Not all of the tips require a major hair restoration project. In fact, most of our 10 tips for heathy hair just require a little time and patience.


Wet is Out, Dry is In

It is not as black and white as that, but you get our point. Water triggers a reaction that makes hair swell from the interior. This pushes the cuticle up and when that occurs, hair tends to frizz and often times, break loose. You might have heard from your stylist to wash your hair every other day. It is sound advice, as consistently skipping a day rejuvenates hair slightly tarnished by prolonged exposure to moisture.


Invest in Hair Products

Your stylist is not just trying to earn a nice commission by recommending hair care products at the end of every appointment. Stocking your shower with a variety of high-quality hair care products ensures your hair remains healthy until the next salon visit. Rapunzel’s Potions include hair care products that address each phase of the washing process. One of the items we recommend is called Rapunzel’s Shampoo Enhancer, which is kind of like the introductory act before you wash with our highly rated shampoo.


Speaking of Shampoo

Part of the debate about which brand of shampoo to use revolves around sulfates. Do yourself a favor and eliminate this debate from your hair care discussions. All shampoos contain some form of detergent that affects the oil and color that define most hairstyles. A clarifying agent to get rid of sulfates simply makes the stripping away process much worse. What you need is a shampoo that restores damaged hair by containing the lowest possible level of detergents.


Less Heat, More Action

You know that intense heat can damage your hair, yet the blow dryer remains on much longer than it should. Try this trick: User a towel to push up and down on your hair and then do the same thing with paper towels, before you run a medium set blow dryer over your scalp. By removing excess moisture, you do not have to keep the heat on high when the time comes to complete the hair washing process.


Blot Your Hair Differently

Although a towel acts as an effective moisture remover, you can at least remove the same amount of moisture by using an old cotton tee shirt. Make it 100% cotton, and you will notice how the tee shirt is much gentler on your hair than a bath towel. There is less stress on the cuticle and hence, less damage to the most important section of your hair.


Look at Hair Conditioner in a New Light

An effective conditioner smooths hair, as well as makes it feel softer and appear shiner. One of the 10 tips for healthy hair is to use a conditioner that withstands the heat administered by a blow dryer. The right conditioner is just as powerful as a protection against heat than a brand name heat protecting spray.


Use the Right Spray

At Rapunzel’s Potions, we offer a powerful heat protecting hair spray. As the second defense against the heat delivered by a blow dryer, a heat protecting hair spray enhances the effectiveness of a high-quality conditioner when it comes to preventing heat damage to your hair.


Cool is the Rule

If your hair feels warm to the touch after blow drying it, that means your hair is still susceptible to heat damage. Think about how a steak or pork chops continue to cook after removing the meats from a grill. The same principle applies to using a blow dryer on your hair. Use the cold shot button on your hair dryer to reduce the amount of “cooking” on your hair after blow drying it.


Get Scalp Treatments

When grass begins to fade, an accomplished landscaper looks much deeper than the grass for a solution to the problem. The same principle applies to your hair. Get regularly scheduled scalp treatments to clean out hair follicles.


Make it Shine

Serums and shine sprays can make your hair glimmer, but you should consider going the natural way for shiny hair by rubbing a dry oil on your hair. A dry oil can smooth the cuticles, which is a standard sign of healthy hair.

Rapunzel’s Potions is a lineup of items that enhance the visual power of health hair. We offer a spray, a shampoo, a conditioner, and a shampoo enhancer to bolster the 10 tips for healthy hair.


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